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At Eurotech Services, we believe in affordable, fixed and transparent pricing. All fees are applicable during normal working hours, 8am - 5pm. Additional fees will apply outside normal working hours and in emergencies.

How much do you charge?

£60 for the 1st hour of work.

This includes a call out charge of £35 to cover fuel, maintenance, running costs & £25.00 for initial assessment of situation.

Thereafter £60 per hour pro rata.

1 hour 10 minutes would be £60 (1 hour) + £10 (10 minutes) = £70.00

These costs are for labour only.

Any parts, etc, would be in addition to the labour.

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Energy Efficiency Survey

FREE* upon request.
Energy Visual Check with Verbal Recommendations on:

  • + Kitchens
  • + Bathrooms
  • + Bedrooms
  • + Lofts & Insulation
  • + Basements
  • + Central Heating
  • + Gas & Boilers
  • + Plumbing
  • + Electrical
  • + Windows & Doors
  • + Conservatories
  • + Extensions
*subject to availability and safe access
As recommended by the:

Building work, replacements and repairs to your home

Many jobs in the home need to be notified to and approved by your Local Authority Building Control unless carried out by an installer who is registered with a Competent Person Scheme. If you do not comply the work will not be legal. You could be prosecuted and could face a fine of up to £5000. You could save yourself around £250 per notification by using the Competent Person Scheme. Ask us about this!

Read this before starting any work

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